Sunday, June 3, 2012


Today, Brynn and I were reading from the Book of Mosiah. We also had just watched the Liken movie about Ammon. I was reading to Brynn about Alma the Younger and when it came to the part where the people were fasting and praying for him, I explained to Brynn what fasting was (it being fast Sunday also today). She then said that she learned in class she could pray whenever. I told her she was right. We could pray to Heavenly Father anytime, when we needed help, peace or to be forgiven, etc. She then said she'd be right back, and ran to the bedroom. I then heard her as she prayed on my bed and she was so excited when she was done. I am grateful to a loving Father in Heaven who knows us all, "..that he remembereth every creature of his creating.." Mosiah 27:29, And that he hears all our prayers.

I decided to start a blog again..been a few years. Brynn says things and things happen that I know I'll forget, so here's to my blog journal. Cause I was never very good about keeping the notebook kind of journal.